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Song of the Sea

Tomm Moore, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, 2014o


After the disappearance of their mother, the lighthouse children Ben and Saoirse are sent to their grandmother in the city, where an insatiable longing for the sea overcomes them. On their secretly decided return journey they are drawn into a world of mythical creatures. Little by little they realize where they really belong and what a great task they have to face.


Der Ire Tomm Moore hat diese märchenhafte Geschichte in absolut grossartigen Bildern inszeniert, an denen man sich gar nicht sattsehen kann. Die Figuren haben eine moderate Manga-Ästhetik, während die stimmungsvollen Hintergründe an die besten Bilderbücher erinnern, die man je gesehen hat. «Die Melodie des Meeres» demonstriert, wieviel Charme ein «altmodischer» Zeichentrickfilm in 2D haben kann. Charme, den kein 3D-Computeranimationsfilm je erreichen wird.

Reto Baer

L’on ne peut donc tarir d’éloges pour cette petite perle d’animation, empreinte de féérie et de fantastique. Cet hiver, Le Chant de la Mer, une fable contemporaine, si tendre et pourtant, parfois, si cruelle, donnera à voir, aux petits et aux grands, les mystères de l’océan tels qu’ils ne les ont jamais vus.

La Rédaction

Galleryo, 12/18/2014
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The Guardian, 7/11/2015
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Interview with Tomm Moore and Paul Young
/ Into Film Clubs
en / 7/7/2015 / 3‘19‘‘

Music Video: "Lullaby" (2014)
/ Movieclips
en / 1/8/2015 / 3‘49‘‘

Animation sketches from Geoff King
/ cartoon saloon
en / 2/6/2016 / 3‘05‘‘

Storyboard: Transformation sequence
Alessandra Sorrentino / cartoon saloon
en / 1/19/2015 / 4‘38‘‘

Movie Datao

Other titles
Die Melodie des Meeres DE
Le chant de la mer FR
Children/Family, Animation
Running time
93 Min.
Original language
Important Awards
European Film Award 2015: Best Animated Feature Film | Oscar 2015: Best Animated Feature Film (Nominated)
ØYour rating8.1/10
IMDB user:
8.1 (53358)
< 10 votes
< 3 votes

Cast & Crewo

Brendan GleesonConor / Mac Lir (voice)
Fionnula FlanaganGranny / Macha (voice)
David RawleBen (voice)


Interview with Tomm Moore and Paul Young
Into Film Clubs, en , 3‘19‘‘
Music Video: "Lullaby" (2014)
Movieclips, en , 3‘49‘‘
Animation sketches from Geoff King
cartoon saloon, en , 3‘05‘‘
Storyboard: Transformation sequence
cartoon saloon, en , 4‘38‘‘
Simon Abrams
Review The Guardian
Mark Kermode
Review epd Film
Katrin Hoffmann
Review Die Presse
Markus Keuschnigg
Review Critikat
Vincent Avenel
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